Who We Are

Vegasirius Nigeria Limited (VNL) is a wholly indigenous Nigerian company operating in the African Business environment with diversified interest and capabilities in the Energy, Marine and Construction industry. The configuration of our company allows us operate in small but efficient business units.

Vegasirius Nigeria Limited offers products and services which include Marketing of retail, commercial and industrial refined petroleum Products; lubricant marketing; Marine Logistics and Operations & Engineering Services. Our company markets all grades of Petroleum and Chemical products that meet SON and NAFDAC specification.

Vegasirius Nigeria Limited is certified to do business in both the upstream and downstream sector of the Nigerian oil industry by the following bodies: DPR, NIPEX, NCDMB, NIMASA, SON, NAFDAC, NPA, CUSTOMS, ANCLA, CRFFN, D & B, and CAC.

Our company takes pride in her diversified and highly- skilled team of professionals with more than an aggregate 60years of experience in the industry. Our people have extensive operational experience in Plant Operations, Depot and Terminals Operations and jetty facilities support across Africa. Our capabilities comes from strong experience in process and operations management while working with Multi-National and Local oil companies which include but not limited to Shell, Texaco, Chevron, Conoil, Owel-Linkso, MRS.

The configuration of our company allows us operate efficiently in 3 relevant business units. Our Products and Services are configure within these business Units as below

We trade, market and supply Lubricants and Fuels in Bulk (platforms and barges) and retail. We also provide Fuels and Lubricant Technical Support to Clients.

We offer a wide range of high-quality lubricant in the Minerals, semi-synthetic and synthetic category. Our products cover engines that run on Petrol and diesel. The products have outstanding oxidation stability and good cold starting temperatures as low as -40oC. Our Company distributes several grades of fuel products for motor vehicles, for domestic use as well as for industrial customers.

Our Fuels product meet the stringent requirements of Standards Organisation Nigerian

Operations area Include

  • Fuels Trading & Marketing
  • Lubricant Marketing & Support,
  • Base Oil trading,
  • Gas Marketing,

We offer an outstanding Logistics service that provides support for Supply Chain Optimization and We offer END-TO-END LOGISTICS solutions for petroleum tanker customers.

Our Operations area Include

  • Export & Import Management
  • Marine Support & Logistics Services


We provide services to Upstream & Downstream Oil & Gas, Construction and Manufacturing firms

Our Service area Include

  • Sourcing & Procurement, 
  • Manpower Development & Training, 
  • Testing Services, 
  • Pipeline Coating & Corrosion Services

Our Vision

To be the most the admired energy company providing quality and affordable Energy Solutions for Africa.

Our Mission

To successfully provide energy solutions through a world class and environmentally friendly activities and to consistently meets and exceeds the expectations of all stakeholders.

Our Values
We will adore and commit to the needs of our customers in order to delight them consistently.

We will value and develop our people so that they and their activities will continually adore and commit to our customers.

We will respect legislated and regulatory authorities, protect our immediate environment and relate cordially with everyone and everywhere we conduct our activities in order for our customers and all stakeholders to be proud to be associated with us.