Our Commitment

We will commit to the needs of our customers and develop our people in order to delight them consistently.

We will comply with necessary regulations, protect our immediate environment and relate cordially with everyone and everywhere we conduct our activities in order for our customers and all stakeholders to be proud to be associated with us.

Health & Safety

Health and safety in Vegasirius Nigeria Ltd is top priority across all our business locations, activities and levels of the company. Our first priority is the safety and health of those who work for us and with us. Most importantly, we make efforts to protect our host environment.

We believe that unsafe activities can cause loss to us and to our customers both in operational time and cost. Therefore, we are driven to create a safe and healthy workplace with no accidents and fatalities. We aim to become an energy company in Africa with a very good safety record through a business-wide reduction of workplace and work-related accidents.

We work in many ways to achieve our Health and Safety expectations. We want our employees and contractors to be committed to good health and safety standards. We believe in a proactive approach to health and safety, and we continually review our policies and processes to capture this belief as the realities demand. The Journey to great Health and Safety performance is ongoing. We will continually learn from our experience and that of other companies to make progress.


Employee Relations & Development

A talented and motivated workforce has to be at the heart of building a business with a long-term sustainable future. We value passion and commitment and create growth opportunities for our people.

We believe in open and continuous dialogue with our employees, and we cultivate partnerships based on trust and mutual respect.

For us at Vegasirius Nigeria Ltd, It is of great importance to develop the talent we already have. Our business will only be successful and sustainable if our customers are happy to work with us. Therefore, we engage and retain the right people. Our people are engaged in internal or external training, mentoring and coaching especially in ways to assure safe operations and customer respect and satisfaction.

As a company with the future in mind, we want to encourage ways that support our values and create role models for our success. So we approach our performance management process to emphasize on how employees achieve their goals than what they achieve.

We are continually developing our internal diversity programs which will strengthen our company. We are working hard to maintain, respect and tap into the benefits of the diversity of our workforce by treating everyone with equal fairness regardless of their race, color, sex, age, religion, ethnic or national origin, or disability.


Stakeholder Management

We will proactively engage our stakeholders to understand the impacts of our activities on them and manage these impacts responsibly.

We at Vegasirius will continually make efforts to engage with groups that are either dependent on our business or can directly affect our operations. Dependent stakeholders include our employees, suppliers, business partners and the people who live close to our business locations. Groups that can directly affect our operations, assets or reputation include governments, the media and some community or activist groups.

To help us set priorities, establish realistic goals and develop appropriate plans, we will strive to understand the expectations that people have of Vegasirius. We will conduct regular exercises to define our key topics for engagement, assign our resources according to recognized priorities, and identify new and emerging issues.


Our Vision
To be the most the admired energy company providing quality and affordable Energy Solutions for Africa.
Our Mission
To successfully provide energy solutions through a world class and environmentally friendly activities and to consistently meets and exceeds the expectations of all stakeholders.
Our Values
We will adore and commit to the needs of our customers in order to delight them consistently.

We will value and develop our people so that they and their activities will continually adore and commit to our customers.

We will respect legislated and regulatory authorities, protect our immediate environment and relate cordially with everyone and everywhere we conduct our activities in order for our customers and all stakeholders to be proud to be associated with us.