What we Offer

At Vegasirius, We take pride in giving to our customers; the people and businesses in Africa, a safe and reliable energy services and related products. We believe that these are critical to the improvement of their living standard and their business operations.

We position ourselves as strategic partners with our clients and always act in their interests, looking for ways to go the extra mile so as to bring more benefits to them than we were contracted for. We strive to understand our clients and our identification with their objectives helps us to do the walking for them, but in their own shoes, not ours.

In our company, we understand that organizations aim to operate optimally. This will require a high level of efficient support services in all aspect of business operations. In essence, the whole Value Chain must perform optimally in other for business objectives to be realized. 

We propose to part be of and support organization’s Overall Business objectives through the provision of 4 key services

  • FUELS 



We offer a wide range of high-quality lubricant in the Minerals, semi-synthetic and synthetic category. Our products cover engines that run-on gasoline (Petrol) and Diesel. The lubricant products have outstanding oxidation stability, good cold starting temperatures and very good shear stability over a wider and sever temperature condition.

Our Lubricants provide the following benefits

  • Longer equipment life
  • Reliable operation
  • Long service life

We provide lubrication support for organizations especially deploying the Oil Condition Monitoring Approach. Our total Lubricant Support Covers

  • Site and Facility evaluation
  • Developing lubrication program
  • Selection of lubricants
  • Continuous oil Condition Monitoring

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We provide organizations with the right quality of fuel for their operational needs. Our Company distributes several grades of fuel products for motor vehicles, for domestic use and for industrial customers.

We are aware of the challenge in getting the right quality fuel for operations in Nigeria. We are committed to providing the right quality of fuel that machines require to run optimally.

Our range of Fuel Products include

  • Gasoline (PMS)
  • Diesel (AGO)
  • House Hold kerosene (HHK)
  • Aviation Fuel (ATK)

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We offer an outstanding Logistics service that provides support for Supply Chain Optimization. We combine the art and science of Optimization to maintain our client’s Supply Chain ecosystem such that their cargos are moved from point A and delivered to them at point B deploying Air & Marine, and Land infrastructures and Systems.

Our Strength is built on People, Process and Partnerships. Our organization is as big as our partnerships

VNL Logistics Service operations are focused on;

  • Export & Import Management
  • Freight Forwarding
  • Logistics & Warehousing
  • Customs Brokerage & Clearance Management
  • Cargo Packaging.


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We offer END-TO-END LOGISTICS solutions for petroleum tanker customers.

We rely on strong partnerships and networks of owners of various sized tanker fleet to provide integrated oil tanker solutions while ensuring consistent and safe operations in each of our key operating sectors. We engage the following services

  • Spot Charter
  • Shell Time 3 and 4 Charter
  • Contract of Afreightment

We need our customers to consider our MARINE LOGISTICS DIVISION as a “ONE-STOP” solution for Carrier of refined petroleum products with commitment throughout the entire logistics chain including the people and processes.

We have Managed the following Vsl


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We provide flexible Operations and Project management capabilities to develop specifications, implement process upgrades, and improve process efficiencies for value added projects within the core management and technology areas in the various fields of business. 

We have developed partnership both locally and internationally to provide Procurement & Service Solutions.

Our Operations are

  • Sourcing & Procurement, 
  • Manpower Development & Training, 
  • Testing Services, 
  • Pipeline Coating & Corrosion Services

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Our Vision

To be the most the admired energy company providing quality and affordable Energy Solutions for Africa.

Our Mission

To successfully provide energy solutions through a world class and environmentally friendly activities and to consistently meets and exceeds the expectations of all stakeholders.

Our Values
We will adore and commit to the needs of our customers in order to delight them consistently.

We will value and develop our people so that they and their activities will continually adore and commit to our customers.

We will respect legislated and regulatory authorities, protect our immediate environment and relate cordially with everyone and everywhere we conduct our activities in order for our customers and all stakeholders to be proud to be associated with us.