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Many years ago on the 31st of July, Our Company got the license from CAC to be called Vegasirius Nigeria. Months later, we began the journey to create good products and to build an African legacy.

We faced challenges, we saw failures, and because we didn’t stop, we saw successes. The economic and political impact hit us. Nonetheless, we have learned many ways not to do things. We learned many ways to get things right.

We have continued to build a strong family of people. However, we are still very far from achieving our dreams in this aspect of our business. Some have been with us and some have left but the bond still remained.

Our business exposure and experience have grown and we have continued to maintain our license and business permits. We have continued to build the necessary contacts and networks that will add value to us. The relationships that have distracted us are all being weeded. So that we can concentrate on our core strategy and values.

Our Business has grown in these key areas

Lubricant Products

We started with the YUKO and VEGASIRIUS lubricant brands. YUKO products cover retail markets. We have pushed the YUKO brands and created a presence in Lagos, Enugwu, Asaba, Nnewi, and Ihiala. Also Umuahia, Owerri, Port Harcourt, Ekpoma, etc. The VEGASIRIUS products brand has remained our flagship Industrial brands. The key market is in the cities of Lagos and Ogun State. Port Harcourt and Enugwu are our new industrial markets to be developed.

Fuels Products

Our fuel business has remained largely in the retail sector. We started discussing lease arrangements with service stations but the economic shocks stalled everything. Nonetheless, we have found news ways to re-engage this business area. We expect to grow our business through our new strategy. In the bulk trading market, we reached an arrangement with Glencore of the UK for fuel products. The challenges for this business has been the recent forex instability and the funding structure of the Nigerian financial institutions. We are optimistic that we will deal with the challenges and drive deep into the market.


We have a strong unit to handle Customs logistics in Freight Mgt for both air and sea cargos. In the last 3 yrs, our activities have been largely Import cargos. We have been building the market for export logistics. However, recent policies have affected export transaction and this is slowly improving. Vegasirius Nigeria engaged in the Export Leadership Programme in other to gain capacity. And to understand new policy direction of the Nigerian government. Also to develop adequate efficiency to support customers and partners.

And Marine

in 2013, Our company started the process of acquiring a passenger and cargo RORO vessel. This would have changed the marine business space but the project was suspended. We continued with the project to become the commercial manager of MT NWABISA which is a 23000DWT oil tanker. This process didn’t complete as we also suspended the project. Today, Vegasirius Nigeria Limited is the Commercial Managers of the good Vessel MT SEA STERLING. She is currently active in the lifting of petroleum product cargo within West Africa.

Our Journey So far

So far, we are happy with our journey. We are hopeful about our destination. “To be the Most Admired Energy company providing quality and affordable Energy Solutions for Africa”.

with a mission to

“… successfully providing energy solutions through world-class and environmentally friendly activities and to consistently meets and exceeds the expectations of all stakeholders”.

Collins Opara

We thank our team members. Appreating our investors and creditors. We thank our partners. To our customers, we thank the new ones who seek to engage us to provide solutions for them in Lubrication, Fuel technology. And to those who need us for Marine Support and Customs Logistics of Import and Export.

Finally, we are open to new customers, new resellers, new distributors and new orders. We are open to investors. We have just started a new phase of our growth.


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