We started with a simple idea.

We work on the platform of innovation and technology to take products and services from an idea all the way to the end user. This is Vegasirius Nigeria Limited,

We are an integrated energy company with a proud people. A people driven by an urge to explore beyond the horizon. Yet, dedication to safety and sustainability.

From startups to big corporations and to the world’s best brands we are prepared to provide solutions. As well, from Lubricants and Lubrication to Fuels Technology. From Logistics to waste management for firm in manufacturing, Construction , Fleet, and Ship Owners, we provide the solutions needed.

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We help make your operations efficient

We build the connection between your needs and your operations

Vegasirius Values

Our Values

We will adore and commit to the needs of our customers in order to delight them consistently.

We will value and develop our people so that they and their activities will continually adore and commit to our customers.

We will respect legislated and regulatory authorities, protect our immediate environment and relate cordially with everyone and everywhere we conduct our activities in order for our customers and all stakeholders to be proud to be associated with us.

vegasirius Vision


To be the most the admired energy company that provides quality and affordable Energy Solutions for Africa.

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To successfully provide energy solutions through a world class and environmentally friendly activities and to consistently meets and exceeds the expectations of all stakeholders.

About Us

Vegasirius Nigeria Limited (VNL) is a Nigerian company operating in African energy and Petroleum industry, with focus on Lubrication, Fuels technology and Logistics solutions.

The Company is the coming together of three individuals that have a total of more than 40 years of business hours and experience in the Oil and Gas industry with expertise covering Lubrication and Fuels Technology, Operations, Manufacturing Management and Communications Engineering.

The Fuels and Lubricant Industry is dynamic. We at Vegasirius consider that the customers of the market are constantly in need of new ways to satisfy their growing and changing expectations. Armed with highly skilled and experienced people, we are prepared to offer solutions that is best fit.

We do business to delight our customers. Nonetheless, we make efforts not go out of compliance with regulatory authorities.

Collins Opara
CEO, Co-Founder

Why we are different

It is because. We take the walk with our Clients but in their own shoes.

For us, a best Fit solution will be determined by a closer and more detailed review for each category of customer. The we operate at a comfortable value and cost for them.

Some of our attributes are


Periodically, we look for smart individuals who want to have a positive impact on our business and on the world. If you consider yourself that person, visit our Careers page or send us a CV at: careers@vegasirius.com