Clients: Banks, Traders, Data Aggregators
Url Link: Various Customers
Date: Ongoing
Status: Ongoing

The Service: Price Data gathering

VEGASIRIUS provides data of the price of various petroleum products. The data hopefully assure valuable insight to users who need information to take the best trading decisions on the coverage items.

Our team in the field quickly identify useable information on both price and non-price issues. Then the people in the office reconfirms, prepare and analyze data for useful sense.

The Approach

We collate different price and market dynamic reports on a weekly and monthly basis. Our approach will also generate real-time news and insight on local markets and location activities as they break. The plan is to provide the most up-to-date, comprehensive and accurate price data on all relevant commodities.

We also monitor and recognize the importance of emerging deep local markets for all commodities. The fact that no market area operates in isolation, it helps us identify changes and dynamics that can be useful for market decisions.

VEGASIRIUS pricing services covers products on a location basis. This ensure that the main drivers impacting the market in any given location are adequately covered. Reports are currently covering West Africa only and beginning from Nigerian locations. Countries to be covered will depend on the commodity of interest.

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