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At VEGASIRIUS we do more than just selling superior lubricant products. We commit to a range of outstanding valued added services that will support businesses. Clients will enjoy the full benefits of our products and Service Support initiatives. Such benefits include Oil Condition Monitoring and various Tribology Support.

For all the operational requirements, we offer high support for selection of quality Lubricating Oil and Grease. The range covers the Minerals, semi-synthetic and synthetic category. These products cover engines that run on gasoline and diesel fuels.

Vegasirius lubrication services is for a wide industry sector such as manufacturing, fleets, Constructions, Oil and Gas operations, Metalworking etc.

The range of Lubricant products supported by Vegasirius covers your need. It goes from maintenance lubricants to specialized products.

Benefits to you

engine for lubricant

Why Choose Us?

Our product selection and outstanding services guarantees high performance.  Therefore, saving a lot of money through the reduction of equipment maintenance cost and enhancement of the engine life.

By choosing our product, you can be assured that our people will work with you to support your productivity and reduce your maintenance costs.

Experienced Team
Trusted Process
Good Lubricant selection
Outstanding Oil Monitoring

Projects in the field

Fuels Supply to Base Station

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Fuels Supply to Base Station