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Waste Management

Our Waste management services come with both an in-depth consultancy advice and an entire disposal process. Our client choose the extent they want to go with us.

At Vegasirius, we can manage an entire disposal process. We can coordinate Specialist sub-contractors and ensure that the un-need and contaminated items are disposed of. This operation is both safely and convenient. Additionally, we respect all statutory requirements related to disposal, recycling and reuse. This is most important for used oil, industrial waste and packaging materials.

We don’t stop at what we know because advancement occur in the field. So we continually update our knowledge of disposal services and techniques. This includes all statutory waste disposal requirements.

Our company partners with CUTEC Institution GMBH of Germany to offer some of our Services.

Service Offerings

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Why Choose Us?

You need only one partner to handle all your waste Management activities. This reduces your activities and logistics costs. And We select the best disposal option for you.

In fact, We take the headache of the mess for you.

Disposal reliability
Trusted Vendors
Updated Knowledge
Focus On better ways

Projects in the field

Fuels Supply to Base Station

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Fuels Supply to Base Station