Health & Safety
Our first priority is the safety and health of those who work for us and with us.Health and safety in Vegasirius Nigeria Ltd is Top priority across all our business locations, activities and levels of the company...
Employee relations
A talented and motivated workforce has to be at the heart of building a business with a long-term sustainable future.
We value passion and commitment and...
Stakeholder Mgt.
We will proactively engage our stakeholders to understand the impacts of our activities on them and manage these impacts resp. ...

Welcome to Vegasirius Nigeria Limited

The Energy & related Services industry is dynamic.

We at Vegasirius Nigeria Limited consider that the customers of the industry are in need of new ways to satisfy their growing and changing expectations. With highly skilled and experienced people in our company with a broad understanding of the market, we are prepared to offer solutions that are best fit.

For us, a best Fit solution will be determined by a closer and more detailed capture of customer expectation in order to tailor solutions for each category of our customer at a comfortable value and cost to them.

While delighting our customers, we continue to prevent going out of compliance with regulatory authorities.


Our values drive our passion to achieve results for our customers.


We Welcome you to our World of Efficiency.

Our Products
We offer a wide range of high-quality lubricant in the Minerals, semi-synthetic and synthetic category.
Our Company distributes grades of fuel products for industrial and domestic use.

We offer an outstanding Logistics service that provides support for Supply Chain Optimization. As a DPR licensed customs agency and membership with relevant professional bodies we offer value.

We handle Vessel and shipping operations. We offer END-TO-END LOGISTICS solutions for petroleum tanker customers.
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