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Proper lubrication is often underestimated, yet it plays a pivotal role in machinery longevity and operational efficiency.

Our effective lubrication services are not just about oil changes; they are about optimizing performance, reliability, and efficiency. By embracing our innovative approaches, organisations stay ahead of industry trends, thereby unlocking the full potential of lubrication in their operations.

Vegasirius lubrication services cover two major areas

  1. Selection of Appropriate Lubricants
  2. Oil Condition Monitoring Including oil analysis

Our lubrication program will be the single greatest factor in preventing unplanned downtime to your Operations. It also provides the greatest operational peace of mind while improving ROI.


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To achieve optimal results, we offer support for the selection of quality Lubricating Oil and Grease. The range covers the Minerals, semi-synthetic and synthetic categories for engines that run on gasoline, diesel and Gas fuels.

Our Oil Condition Monitoring Service is designed to prevent costly failures by tracking changes in lubricant quality while in use in the machinery. Through these checks on the oil we can detect wear, lubricant degradation, and associated issues before any serious breakdown.

Our lubrication survey approach is a comprehensive assessment of the plant and machinery. We also evaluate existing lubrication practices and develop a lubrication program for improvement and to enhance overall performance.


Reduced Wear and Friction

Well-lubricated and monitored machinery experiences less wear and friction, leading to extended component life.

Energy Efficiency

Proper lubrication reduces energy consumption by minimizing internal friction.

Enhanced Reliability

Reliable equipment leads to fewer breakdowns, downtimes and increased productivity.

Cost Savings

Efficient lubrication reduces maintenance costs and extends equipment lifespan.