Our Corporate objective is to ensure long-term value creation for all stakeholders through our business areas and new frontiers.

We create and review our systems of Commitments and Corporate Governance. We ensure we are not complicated.

At VEGASIRIUS, we believe that the foundation of a good business is an effective corporate governance and Corporate Processes. Through our governance processes, responsibilities are set clearly to guide everyone from our leaders to employees and to our partners. We believe that this is ultimately a best practice for creating long-term value for all stakeholders.

Work Process

Over the course of our operations and hard work with many Organizations and projects; large and small.

We have worked through and built a working process.

The Project

For Planning

And Complete

Close Out
And Handover

Our core priority is to create value for all stakeholders. To do this, we understand that we must have a fluid and uncomplicated process and Governance systems.

We also know that the safety and health of those who work for us and with us has to be Top priority across all our business locations, activities and levels.

We build processes to attract and retain talented people. They will be at the heart of building a long-term sustainable business with us.

Also, we will proactively engage our stakeholders to understand the impact of our activities on them and manage these impacts responsibly.

With these in mind, we created policies and continually update them.



• Quality Policy
• Environmental Policy
• Safety Policy
• Corporate Social Responsibility Policy
• Nigerian Content Development Policy
• Business Continuity Policy
• Emergency Response Plan
• Training Policy & Plan