We started with a simple idea.

To create a platform of innovation and technology to take products and services from an idea all the way to the end user.

From start-ups to big corporations and to the world’s best brands we are prepared to provide solutions. We work with firms in diverse industries and We just love to provide the solutions needed.

big ideas

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      • We Position ourselves as strategic partners with our clients and always act in their interest.


      • Looking for ways to to go the extra mile so as to bring more benefits to them.


    • We strive to understand our client and the clarity of their objectives helps us to do the walking for them but in their own shoes, not ours.
Working Operations

Who we are

For years, our ideas, and our people have created impacts.

Vegasirius Nigeria Limited (VNL) is an integrated operation focusing on Lubrication, Fuels Technology and Logistics Solutions.

At Vegasirius, We take pride in our customers and when their business operations succeed because of our partnership.

Our organization is as big as our partnerships. Our Strength is built on People and Processes.


To be the most the admired energy company that provides quality and affordable Energy Solutions for Africa.


    • We adore and commit to the needs of our customers to delight them consistently.
    • We value and develop our people so they and their activities will continually adore and commit to our customers.
    • We respect legislated and regulatory authorities, protect our immediate environment and relate cordially with everyone and everywhere we conduct our activities.


To successfully provide solutions through world-class and environmentally friendly activities and to consistently meet and exceed the expectations of all stakeholders.